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Brent Rector's Resume
Professional Experience  
1990 - Present Wise Owl Consulting, LLC Redmond, WA
President and Founder    
arrow bullet   Founded Wise Owl, a Windows consulting and training firm, in April 1990.
arrow bullet   Designed, developed and published the premier code obfuscator for the Microsoft .NET platform - Demeanor for .NET, Enterprise Edition.
arrow bullet   Provided architectural, design and consulting guidance to numerous well-known companies including Microsoft, HP, NCR, and others.
arrow bullet   Developed and presented numerous technical training courses on Microsoft Windows technologies to hundreds of companies and thousands of software developers.
arrow bullet   Published many books and articles for publishers such as Microsoft Press, Addison-Wesley, Microsoft Systems Journal, Windows Developer's magazine and others.
arrow bullet   Presented many seminars on software technologies at leading conferences and for companies such as Microsoft, WiseOwl, and several other leading developer training organization.

1985 - 1990 MicroBeam, Inc. Newbury Park, CA
arrow bullet   Head of software development for MicroBeam Inc., where the team developed focused ion beam lithography systems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.
arrow bullet   Built the entire software development organization from scratch including firmware, embedded and host software developers.
arrow bullet   Designed and architected the custom operating system and firmware for the multi-million dollar Microbeam focused ion beam lithography system.

1982 - 1985 CONTEL Cado Systems Torrance, CA
Director of European Software Engineering    
arrow bullet   Head of the International OEM software development group, where the team developed a custom operating system and programming language compiler for the European market. A European computer hardware vendor went out of business and the team designed an operating system and compiler that would run the abandoned user base's applications on Cado Systems' proprietary hardware. The result was a $10 million per year in increase in hardware sales.

1980 - 1982 CACI International La Jolla, CA
Manager, Software Development    
arrow bullet   Lead a team that designed computer simulation and modeling languages and implemented native code compilers for those languages. Wrote the SIMSCRIPT II.5 compilers for the NCR, PR1ME, and IBM mainframes. Worked on the SIMSCRIPT VAX compiler. Helped design and implement PC SIMSCRIPT for the initial IBM PC and, later, MODSIM II (a Modula-like simulation language) for Windows.

1974 - 1980 NCR Corporation Rancho Bernardo, CA
Systems Architect    
arrow bullet   Various positions from Systems Analyst to operating systems architect and developer. Last position was working on the VRX (Virtual Resource eXecutive) virtual memory operating system, which was basically NCR's answer to IBM's OS/370 operating system.

1972 - 1974 Purdue University West Lafayette, IN
Systems Programmer    
arrow bullet   System's Programmer on a CDC 6400 while a student at the university.

Articles and Publications  
arrow bullet   Introducing Microsoft WinFX, Microsoft Press, 2004
arrow bullet   ATL Internals (with Chris Sells), Addison-Wesley, 1999
arrow bullet   Win32 Programming (with Joe Newcomer), Addison-Wesley, 1995
arrow bullet   Developing Windows 3.1 Application using Microsoft C/C++, Sams, 1992
arrow bullet   Developing Windows 3 Applications with Microsoft SDK, Prentice Hall/Sams, 1991
arrow bullet   Microsoft Systems Journal articles
arrow bullet   Windows/DOS Developers Journal articles

arrow bullet   Microsoft DevDays San Diego. CA
arrow bullet   Windows Developers Conference Boston, MA
arrow bullet   Windows Developers Conference Santa Clara, CA
arrow bullet   WinSummit Conference Davos, Switzerland
arrow bullet   VSLive conference San Francisco, CA
arrow bullet   VSLive conference Sydney, Australia
arrow bullet   Various corporate internal conferences  

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science California State University, Northridge
Juris Doctorate Concord Law School
Admitted to practice law in California (2008)
Admitted to practice law in Washington (2010)