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Inspired by the owl that perched outside his office window, Brent Rector spread his wings in 1990 to become the founder of Wise Owl Consulting LLC. Under this company umbrella, Brent has been providing the most dynamic keynote speeches, classroom training and individual company consulting available in the industry. Knowing the software industry inside and out, Brent is able to speak with confidence as a master.

Since working with Windows beta version 1.0 in 1985, Brent's time has been focused on technologies from Windows, becoming known as 'the leading Microsoft .NET expert.' Following are a few of his accomplishments in the Microsoft arena:

bullet point   Joined Microsoft, mostly recently working on Windows 8 and 8.1. Brent also helped create the Windows Runtime and owns the WinRT type system.
bullet point   Developed numerous courses on Microsoft WindowsT technologies
bullet point   Developed, marketed and presented courses on .NET, ASP.NET, ATL, XML and COM+
bullet point   Has written several books, including ATL Internals, Win32 Programming, Developing Windows 3.1 Applications with Microsoft C/C++, Developing Windows 3 Applications with Microsoft SDK
bullet point   Wrote articles for MSDN Magazine, Windows Developer's Magazine and many other publications
bullet point   Presented many seminars on Windows technologies, including road tours for Wise Owl, Microsoft Developers Only Series and several other leading developer training organizations
bullet point   Speaker at numerous industry conferences

Prior to founding Wise Owl, Brent invested 19 years in learning, leading and developing extensive operating systems, compilers and programming languages in response to various challenges at NCR, CONTEL Cado Systems, CACI International and MicroBeam, Inc. Please see Brent Rector's Resume for additional information.