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Keynote Speaker

"At these conferences I'm usually beginning to study my watch 25 minutes in; I couldn't believe it when I glanced at my watch at one of Brent's seminars and 1 ½ hours had passed, and I wanted to keep listening. He really knows how to keep an audience engaged."—Conference Attendee
Brent Rector's unique style of speaking has engaged audiences all over the world for the past 11 years. Based on his in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows™ technologies, his dynamic style and humorous approach to presenting materials, many conference attendees attend future conferences just for the opportunity to hear Brent speak again.

Contact WiseOwl today to book Brent Rector as a Keynote Speaker on .NET, ASP.NET, XML, COM+ and ATL at your next conference. Captivated audiences lead to greater demand for a ticket to your next conference.
arrow bullet   Brent is a keynote speaker at leading technology conferences worldwide, including Australia, England, France, Switzerland and the United States:
bullet point   Windows Developers Conference
bullet point   WinSummit Conference
bullet point   VSLive conference
bullet point   Microsoft regularly hires Brent to speak about Windows technologies at Microsoft seminars


"[Brent] had the ability to answer any question tossed at him accurately and authoritatively. This team usually reduces "authorities" to gibbering question marks within 20 minutes." -Microsoft student at .NET training
Having developed many Microsoft Windows technology courses, Brent Rector is the ideal person for training teams that need to truly understand the course materials. This combined with his charismatic teaching style creates an environment for maximizing the amount of information even the most knowledgeable teams will acquire.

Link with WiseOwl today to take your classroom to the next level.
arrow bullet   Brent is available for teaching classes on .NET, ASP.NET, XML, COM+ and ATL in the US and worldwide.
arrow bullet  
Demonstrated Demand: Developed the instruction courses for Microsoft Windows™ technologies -- .NET, ASP.NET, XML, COM+ and ATL


"When a leading European hardware supplier went out of business, Brent and his team came in and developed a custom operating system and programming language compiler that would run the abandoned user base's applications on our proprietary hardware. The result was a $10 million per year increase in hardware sales!" - Larry Owen, Vice President of Engineering
Brent Rector's in-depth knowledge of the industry, technology developments over the last 30 years, programming languages and operating systems allows him to assess problems and identify resolutions that extend beyond the range of standard solutions.

Contact Brent Rector at WiseOwl and see how he may help your company leap over hurdles.
arrow bullet   Brent is available to consult on the following:
bullet point   Identify and execute software solutions
bullet point   Develop custom operating systems
bullet point   Create custom tools
bullet point   Lead large teams of developers in a project
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Demonstrated Experience: Brent designed a custom operating system for a multi-million dollar semiconductor manufacturing and repair equipment company
  Designed and wrote operating systems for computer hardware manufacturers
  Design and wrote computer simulation and modeling languages